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Splashing Water

We have little time to
stop climate change

You already know that we 

must succeed.

So consider our plan:

  1. map our

The world is a big system far too complex for our brains to comprehend as a whole. That is why we need to map out how its different aspects connect together, then share this model in mipa, the software to make global models usable to everyone. Because we won't get very far without a good map.

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass
In a Meeting

2. improve our DECISIONS

Using publically shared and privately customizable models, mipa software helps us make better business and personal decisions by empowering us to analyze different ideas holistically. The simulations can account for diverse impacts, resulting in clear recommendations that combine self-interest and welfare of the wider world. After decisions are made, mipa helps a team coordinate to achieve their goal.

Refrigerated Goods

3. Change the World

The more good a company does, the more we want to support it. And just like the nutrition facts label helping us to eat healthy, a sustainability metrics label derived from a company's activities can inform us of the company's alignment with the common good. This helps all of us, as consumers, to drive the transition to a more conscious economy and a sustainable world.


Why this can work

Our effort is based on science and driven by citizens around the world. Even if governments cannot do enough, we the people can already create tidal change by tipping market dynamics and starting a movement that's guided by the innate kindness in all of us.

Female Student



Our task is massive, and we have difficult challenges to overcome in multiple areas; but the chance for the flourishing of life on this planet will no doubt improve with your participation.

Please check out our Global Workgroups to see how you may take part. 

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