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Inform Decisions

Top-performing organizations don't make decisions based on feel alone. They use models of how the world works to predict likely results of their decisions.

We are bringing this power to every person and organization, with the ability to make use of ready-made models, as well as to add your own insights and specific situation.

Setting a relative importance ratio means you can balance your own goals with your love for the world, quantifying the impact of your decisions on yourself and others.

The figure below illustrates how the calculator in mipa does this.


The predicted total costs and benefits as well as direct costs of each proposed action are summarized into a "leverage" number that quantifies how much the action is worth doing. This number helps an organization prioritize the myriad of items on its collective to-do list, so it's clear to everyone which items ought to be the focus at this moment.

In addition to providing support in making decisions, mipa also helps organizations coordinate the execution of of the decisions. Project progress and situation changes are instantly available to all members, and priorities are updated automatically to ensure everyone can make on-the-spot decisions concerning their work, while staying aligned with the whole team.

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