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Why this can work

As you already know, climate change conferences have not produced the results necessary to reverse the climate emergency we are in, because attending delegations represent disparate interests of their nations.


In contrast, Collective Change transcends borders, and our plan does not require governments' policy to move forward.


Combining the best of science, management, and technology, we can:

  • empower all people with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions that affect ourselves and the world

  • help businesses do good and do well, catalyzing the economy's transition toward sustainability

  • manifest and cultivate care for the world and for each other

The diagram below shows how everything fits together from the perspective of an organization, which may be for-profit, non-profit, or governmental.


As sustainability information will be easily accessible to both consumers and businesses, everyone can be a force to drive human activity toward sustainability.

If Collective Change hits our targets as we must do, simulation shows a real chance of most organizations in the world participating by 2030. The mipa screenshots below show a partially expanded model of Collective Change, and simulation results for the number of participating organizations approaching the global total.


This scenario is certainly ideal and ambitious; but for the future of all life on our planet we simply must overcome the obstacles to make it real. Then, with the entire humankind informed and empowered as we face our climate emergency, our survival will no longer depend on the decisions of a few people, but on how much humanity as a whole can rise to the challenge.

We think it's clear that our collective spirit and creativity will be more than a match for the challenge. Wouldn't you agree?

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