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Our decisions have far-reaching impacts.

Mipa helps us do good and do well.

Have you had these experiences at work and in life?

  • You're in a group discussion and people with different opinions are having difficulty coming to an agreement.

  • You have a long to-do list so you do the most urgent tasks. But are you sure what you are doing is the best thing to get you closer to your goal?

Mipa is a strategic coordination methodology and software application designed based on years of business management experience and pain points observed across different organizations. The name is an acronym for Model, Ideate, Prioritize, and Achieve, the four activity types that lead an organization to success. Mipa aims to solve most organizational problems at the root -- fixing the lack of clarity.

Clarity can be missing from a foundational level, such as an organizational goal that is not well-defined, communicated, or measured. Lack of clarity can also manifest as difficulty in comparing the relative importance of various projects because their return on investment is hard to forecast. Lack of clarity also underlies the misunderstanding among team members about each other's workload, progress, and priorities.

At a personal level, many of us struggle to balance work, life, service, and growth. We lose our direction as the constant flurry of activities blows us adrift.

Mipa helps us develop clarity at every level, for ourselves and our organizations; and it helps us do this in the context of the wider world. The result is, we see can our direction again, and stay true to our course.

While mipa is still being developed, you're welcome to try it here. You can also check out what's planned in our mockups.

Here are screenshots showing the use of mipa for Collective Change's own strategic coordination:

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